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About is a modern, safe community for authors and readers to connect and grow.


lunaXs believes in freedom of speech and choice. This means authors and readers can share and read without being tracked, or their data mined etc. (more coming soon)

Site Metamorphosis

Those of you who have followed my blog know it has been a long slow process. What started as a very simple idea really just a side hobby for me to work on here and there grew and changed. In Oct 2019 I posted the idea for the basic site with a few of Doc’s stories. Then in Jan 2020 another author emailed me asking if I could post their work as well. This led me to rethink the site. With my business partners’ amazing support and dedication starting in March 2020 our company has solely focused on developing this site. Recently I reached out to several fantastic authors who are interested in joining around the launch of this site!


lunaXs is for all authors although for now it’s set up for niche authors only. During the next few months, lunaXs will be invite-only for authors. This is due to several factors including, bug fixes, ongoing site development, and many other minor things. Our plan is for all authors to have the ability to set subscription, individual book/story purchases, tipping and so much more!
All new authors during the “alpha” and part of the “beta” release will get a special “founding badge” that will give them many extra perks as the site grows. If you are an author or know an author who would like to be part of lunaXs’ beginnings, we welcome you to submit the simple application.


Eventually, we would like to have an editor’s exclusive account which will allow authors to work with editors seamlessly. This will allow good editors to be recognized and supported throughout lunaXs. Editor accounts can also become site admins giving them some extra perks and duties. If you are an editor check back for updates.


Without you, authors have no reason to post and share their incredible works. All reader accounts will be able to follow, like, subscribe, support their favorite authors, books, and more!


Our goal for lunaXs is to create a community for Authors, Editors, and Readers. A place where freedom to write and read in a clean minimalistic modern manor.


Going back to 2005 I came across DocCIS’s short story (pretty sure it was called) “Her Reality” (sadly I cannot find it... but perhaps it’s on his hard drive or one of my old phones). I was impressed with his writing style and story so I sent him a fan email. The next year DocCIS shared with me his first real story and by 2007 he had posted it free to the world, it was an adaptation and re-writing of Miguel Owen’s; Annie Babysits the Kids. Of cores, due to DocCIS’s epic writing style, his stories became hits! Throughout the years I had the privilege to share many thoughts with DocCIS, and I’m proud to say he even took some inspiration from my experiences and used my wife’s likeness in some of his artworks and writings! From that first fan email, I sent back in 2005 though our last chats in 2017 DocCIS became more than an author, to me he was a mentor and friend! R.I.P. DocCIS, know you will be missed and never forgotten.
In 2019 one of DocCIS’s editors and I reminisced through email. Which lead me to the idea of saving and honoring all of DocCIS works for everyone. So I reached out to DocCIS’s son asking if we could create a site to host all DocCIS’s works free for all to enjoy in Doc’s honor and thus this journey began.

Site Release Outline

  1. 1. Alpha Site (currently working)
  2. 2. Beta Site
  3. 3. Full Release Site


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